In developing the SmartChoice™ System, Aqua Systems had three objectives:

  • Move beyond the trend of disposable water softeners
  • Deliver peak performance for years after the initial installation
  • Build a system that works so you’ll forget it’s there
  • Serviceable vs. Disposable
    Many water conditioning systems on the market today are designed to be disposable, because they just weren’t made to be serviced. The SmartChoice™, with easy and affordable maintenance solutions, was designed to be a lasting appliance. Although it may be years before the first service is required, this system offers you the ultimate in long-term care. All components of the SmartChoice™ are easily separated and exchangeable with the factory. You have the option of exchanging the component yourself, or having one of our experienced technicians provide in-home service. With either choice, the exchangeable component program ensures precise results and low cost.

    Smart Design Engineering
    The SmartChoice™ System was designed by seasoned veterans of the water softener industry. The goals were to combine features from the best products ever built, to improve on past designs, and to integrate new manufacturing technologies. The result is a "break-through" quality system with these smart features:

  • Easily exchangeable components that separate
  • No screws, bolts or gaskets
  • Your choice of connection fittings
  • Non-corrosive materials on all parts
  • Lithium battery back up
  • Controls that are separated from the salt tank
  • Easy settings
  • Regeneration based on water usage
  • Intelligent electronics that monitor water usage
  • Choice of designs for varying applications
  • Easy, low cost service options
  • Only one moving part
  • Choice of salt tank sizes to fit most any space requirements
  • Warranty

  • 5 Year Warranty On All Parts
  • Lifetime Warranty On Resin & Brine Tanks
  • Free 3 Year In-home Service Policy
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    Sizing Options
    1.0 Cubic Foot (32,000 Grain) 1.5 Cubic Foot (52,000 Grain) 2.0 Cubic Foot (72,000 Grain)
    Equipment $1,549 $1,699 $1,849
    Electronic Meter (Included) - - -
    Installation (Included) - - -
    Bypass Valve (Included) - - -
    Permit (Included) - - -
    150 lbs of Salt (Included) - - -
    Total Package $1,549 Total Package $1,699 Total Package $1,849

    Above price included Pre-plumb or replacement installation. Prices do not include sales tax. All labor warranties with Aqua Systems installation only.

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